You do what?
We enjoy a variety of activities with our horses so thought we would include some photos of
life with horses.  People often ask us, "What do you do with miniature horses?"  Well, there
are alot of things to do with the small in stature, large in heart equines.  Companionship for
other critters and humans alike, driving, riding, showing, theraphy ambasadors, and even
seeing-eye guide animals, just to mention a few.  When we go camping we often take
Morgans for trail riding during the day and miniatures to drive in the evenings. We would
love to hear about what you do with your equine friends.
Deby Horner
RocHaven Farm
Wyandotte, OK 74370
Making new friends
Fancy show horse
Meeting mommy for the
first time
Training for endurance
First rides
Playing in the snow
Picture perfect from
day one
Spots anyone?
Barbie doll horse
Hey Buddy, "You got anymore snacks
in your hay bag?"
How about a kiss?
Snack time in camp
Going for a drive around camp