Deby Horner
RocHaven Farm
Wyandotte, OK 74370

Welcome to RocHaven Farm. We invite you to browse through our farm
pages to see our wonderful horses.  We proudly raise Morgan and
Miniature horses.  Our top priority is to raise horses with great
dispositions,  horses that are ambassadors for their breed and become
cherished members of families.  

Over the years we have produced over 200 foals which are now
scattered coast to coast and border to border.  Many clients have become
life long friends.  And most have come back for more than one horse.  

We love hearing about our horses as they go through life.  And we are
always happy to trade horse stories.  If you are not familiar with Morgan
or Miniature horses we invite you to come for a visit.  We will be happy
to introduce you to our horses.  If you have ever had a dream of owning
a horse we will do our best to help make that dream come true.

As you visit our various farm pages you will see our horses that are for
sale.  If you are looking for a particular type of horse and do not see one
on our farm pages, please let us know.  Maybe we can point you to
someone that has just what you are looking for.

Happy trails, Deby