Natural brown blended with ocean blue.  I won
the wool in a drawing and do not know what
type of wool it is.  Semi soft.  Nice batt for the
beginning spinner.

2 oz batt $5
We often have available loose or roving of
100% alpaca.  Available colors are white,
brown, grey, and black.  Perfect for creating
your own blends.

2 oz bag  $13
RocHaven Fiber Studio is a cottage industry.  We do most of our own processing, dying,
and blending.  Typically we only create 10 batts of each blend.  Therefore, please email us
at with your wish list of batts and fibers.  We will verify  availability
and send an invoice. Once the invoice is paid we will send out your order.  Orders may be
paid with credit cards, pay pal, or even snail mail check.   Because we have small lots of
each blend we want to ensure you have enough fiber for a project from within one dye
batch.  For a larger project we can usually reproduce a fiber blend in quanities to ensure
color and fiber conformation.

Questions?  Contact Deby at or 918-533-3199